Play more.

It sounds obvious but if you want to improve your golf the easiest way could be to get out and play some extra.

My golf was going nowhere a few years back. I was busy with work and frustrated at my inconsistent scores. I was also wasting an expensive golf membership so I decided to commit to playing two times per week. For me, this meant playing Thursday and Saturday morning. In effect I was at least doubling the amount of golf I played at it really helped hone my game. Within a few months I’d lowered my handicap and was playing some of the best golf of my life. The part that helped the most was really locking in the automatic principles and getting comfortable applying them on the course. Automatic golf essentially became, well, automatic.

I understand that not everyone can squeeze in an extra game each week. Family and work commitments will throw a spanner in the works – but any extra practice you can muster will definitely help;

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  • Putting on the carpet at home
  • Chipping in the backyard
  • A quick 9 holes before/after work
  • Swinging in the backyard for a few minutes
  • Put a net in your garage and get some sneaky practice when nobody is looking

If you can integrate the automatic learning principles into your game then the improvement process is simple.

The more you play and practice the better you will get.

If your golf is not yet where you would like it to be, then maybe you need to find a little extra time each week. I’m convinced that the extra time will serve you well and this will probably be my first response to those seeking help via email/phone. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best.

What are your thoughts? Are you able to find some extra time to work on your game?