golf-fearSome golfers get nervous when they start playing well. They make up stories and try and work out why they’re playing so well. Hitting better shots, seeing improved performance can take some adjusting. It’s nerve racking.

This is a problem but it’s the lessor of two evils because many golfers are scared to death of playing poorly.

The thought of making a mistake or hitting a poor shot has them petrified. These golfers close up, get tight and cannot swing freely because of the fear.

And here’s the main problem;

You can’t hit great shots unless you’re prepared to make a bad shot or two.

The paradox here is when you can fight through the fear you’ll hit less bad shots and more great ones. Trying to avoid mistakes is a certain recipe for disaster.

Heading to the golf course with the mindset of, “avoiding all mistakes” is wrong. Don’t let the odd poor shot rock your confidence. Make a few mistakes but keep on trucking. Golf is not a game of perfect. It’s about overcoming obstacles (like getting out of the trees) and keeping on making the best swings you can.

Fear of mistakes has no place on the golf course.