I hate quick fix lessons and promises of miracle cures. I don’t believe they exist or offer any long term results.

I received an email from someone who downloaded my putting book on Thursday and tried it out on Friday. He didn’t do so well and has decided to revert back to his old ways. No problem. But why would he be looking for something new if he wasn’t prepared to give it a go?

Never mind…automatic learning is not for everyone.

Automatic learning is a commitment. You need to decide (it takes discipline) to keep doing the same things over and over. You may not play your best golf each round but you’ll maximise your chances. Not a bad deal.

I’ve just finished playing today and had 33 putts. Not my best effort by a long shot. But there is no way in the world I’m about to make a change after one poor round. I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

Good golfing,