You need to be able to remain calm on the golf course during play. The pressure of the score card, the trees and hazards and fellow competitors can cause a golfer’s mind to spin out of control.

You need to be able to ‘stop the wheels spinning’ and keep your mind under control. The ability to make good decisions under pressure will only help your score. Getting carried away on emotion or processing too many thoughts will let tension and fear enter your system.

A good golfer must be able to relax, clear his mind and focus on each shot at hand. Keeping calm and under control will aide in this process.

The golfer needs to work out what he needs to do, choose a club for that task and then hit the ball without any fear of the consequences. A calm mind will be better able to deal with the endless possibilities that are confronted on each shot. The golfer should then have maximised his chances of hitting the right shot at the right time.

Start by relaxing your face. Close your eyes and let the tension from your face melt away. This helps the rest of your body get comfortable and relaxed. Then you should slow your thinking down. Force yourself to think about the shot in front of you. Work out what needs to be done and then do it. This is the heart of positive thinking!