(you’ll need to watch the video to get the full story)

Let me set the scene.

Evan, the golf geek, has just hit a great drive on the toughest hole. He has about 170 metres to the centre of the green, back pin, deep bunker to carry and into the wind. He wants to hit the wood. I advise him against this and give a different option.

The result surprises Evan. Great golf is about hitting the shots you know you can hit. Watch the golf video to get the full story.

[flashvideo file=https://trcdec09.s3.amazonaws.com/Approach15th_Yourshot.flv /]

Choosing the correct club makes golf easier. Your system is placed under less stress and you’ll instantly have more confidence. Do this for the duration of your round and the score will start to go in your favour. If you have the discipline to do this each time you play then you will shoot better scores.

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