I read the other day that the founders of Google were so convinced of their product and the fact that people would use it, that they were happy for people to take their time in visiting the Big G.


Because they knew the longer people waited, the better their search engine would be. This is not the usual type of thinking and maybe one reason why Google has become so huge.

When I became fed up with my terrible putting game and couldn’t stand the thought of yipping any longer I drew a line in the sand. I knew that there was no miracle cure and that “yipping” was always going to be a problem. But I did think I could improve…

I did something smart and I wish more people would do it. I stopped being in a hurry. I changed putters and committed to putting with a better attitude and more freedom. Most importantly I didn’t put a timeframe on any correction. I accepted the odd yip and kept trucking through some difficult times.

If I yipped, I put it down to the process and moved on. The putting yips became less of an issue because I stopped focusing so much on them. I stopped driving to the course worried about my putting game. There was less fear each time I walked onto the green. And there was certainly less angst each time I missed a putt.

It took some time, but bit by bit my putting game improved. The honest truth is this took the best part of two years – this is going from a horrible yipper to expert putter. But it was worth every second of it. By leaving thoughts of instant cure behind and having no time limit on my improvement, real success turned up in a very manageable amount of time.

When I look back, I fumbled my way around the golf course for years. There was at least 7 years of putting misery that I can recall. So patience, taking your time and doing things the long way round can often be the best and quickest. Patience and not being in a rush all the time is seriously important.

Here’s a short audio on the same subject:

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Insidious golf learning monster.

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