getting-distractedGolf delivers many distractions.

  • Other players
  • Your score
  • Possibilities – like, “If I make this putt I’ll be on track for my best score”
  • Hazards and other trouble
  • Your mind

There’s more but that’s a good start.

I played nine holes this morning. A great way to walk off Christmas dinner and get some fresh air. I was joined by a golfing friend that was easily distracted.

He was worried about how far he was hitting. He was concerned with my score and how I was playing. He was trying to win. He was thinking about everything except for the most important thing.

Playing golf

Despite previous lessons he was distracted from the task at hand. Playing his game. Choosing the right shot at the right time. I’ve written about this before. It’s a an important lesson and something when mastered allows you to play your best golf.

The more I play the better I get at doing my thing. I’m not concerned about what the course designer has in mind, playing partners or what that little pestering voice in my head has to say. I avoid all distractions (most of the time anyway) and choose the shot that I know I can hit successfully.

The I repeat until I putt out on the 18th.

Not the most exciting instruction and far removed from ego. But it will allow you to improve your game without swing instruction or new clubs. It’s a simple step but a vitally important one.