If you’d like to experience something different with your golf game you might like to try some of the following;

  • Hit a five iron like it’s your wedge ( high and soft landing shot that only flies about 110 metres or so)
  • Hit the ball the maximum distance with each club. Can you hit you 9 iron as far as your 5 iron?
  • Hit the ball low with each club. Can you hit the ball a few metres above the ground without thinning the shot?
  • Take a full swing and attempt to hit the ball only a few metres. This one is difficult but possible
  • Hit a huge hook shot with each club
  • Hit a massive slice with each club (some golfers don’t have much trouble with this one 🙂 )
  • Hit shots with your opposite hand (play left handed if you’re right handed)
  • Play a round of golf with one club only (a 6 iron?)

Learning to do this can only help your golf game. You’ll learn better club control and develop better shot making skills. This process should be a fun one and will allow you to break any bad habits and any limiting beliefs that you may have. Not a bad thing.

Good golfing,