There are no quick-fixes in golf. Sadly, much of the golf industry are hell-bent on instant gratification. But it’s a lie that many of us crazy golfers believe that then leads to a self perpetuating system that causes more harm than good. We tend to be brainwashed into thinking the important stuff is;

  • swing changes
  • hitting ball further
  • handicap
  • your immediate score

While this may rock your world, you can go much deeper. Way deeper. And when you fully immerse yourself golf can become a vehicle for long term learning. And it could even change your life.

I received the below during the week and it’s sorta what I’m talking about. Self-reflection and insight that moves beyond regular golfing analysis. 

I overthink automatic golf.

I basically go over the videos constantly, read your books, and other stuff. I’m still trying to apply it, when really I should let go and make automatic golf automatic. I need to make it a habit.

The problem is I’m afraid that if I let go, I won’t choose a target, which is stupid, because choosing a target can become natural as well. I’m afraid to let go of the thinking aspect of automatic golf, which is really no better than thinking about my swing while I play. It’s just as difficult to think automatic golf as it is trying to control the golf swing.

And I think this is why I’ve yet to really have a breakthrough or experience remarkable golf. I’m always trying to apply, when I should just play.

 It’s not always comfortable (or easy) to dig deeper, truly analyse the way you play the game and move away from technical swing instruction – but this is why we should. Because it’s not easy. And it’s where true improvement and satisfaction lives.