This was a lot of fun.

A week ago I got interviewed by Karl Morris.

Who’s Karl?

He’s a top mental coach from the UK. And, he has worked with six of golf’s major winners plus over 100 of the best players on the planet.

He knows his stuff and has been at the forefront of simplifying golf psychology.

We certainly have a lot in common and it was a thrill to be interviewed by him.

Check out his podcast where we explored automatic learning in plenty of detail. I also share more of my story and why I am so passionate about making golf learning easier for all.

Please check out the interview by tapping here

A word of warning: My audio quality was a bit of a disaster. My normally fantastic microphone decided to misbehave during the interview. I’ve been told that it wasn’t too bad but I am a little bit embarrassed by it.

Anyway, please check out Karl’s podcast – the interview goes for around 47 minutes and I’m sure you’ll glean plenty from it.

Good golfing,


P.S. If you have a Podcast (or know someone who does) and you’d like an entertaining interview, then let’s arrange a chat. And I will ensure my audio is better next time.