G’day there,

I hope your golf is going well…if you get a chance let me know
how you’re progressing with Golf Instruction 2.0.

The best thing about what I do is waking up in the morning and
checking my email and reading success stories from regular golfers
from all over Australia (and NZ). It gives me a buzz and motivates me to
produce better products and information that can help you improve

Speaking of improvement I mentioned on my Blog
(www.cameronsgolfblog.com) that I would keep you up to date on my
progress. I was planning to on taking a more conservative approach
from the tee and getting the ball into play a little more. The
background of the story is that I missed qualifying for the
Australian Open by playing too aggressively from the tee and lost
two balls.

Anyway, here’s my update. I think that there’s a good lesson for all.

I made a serious mistake in my little plan. Playing safely from the
tee is a good idea, especially if you’re feeling nervous or playing
an unfamiliar course. My mistake is that I also changed my swing. I
didn’t mean to do it but it just happened. I got away from the
automatic process that I’m so passionate about. My swing went soft,
tight and controlled. So I ended up in the trees, rough, sand and
OOB more often. Not a good thing!

The solution was to let go and trust my swing and follow the
process outlined in Golf Instruction 2.0. If you haven’t read it
please view it here, www.golfscience.com.au/golfinstruction2.0

Anyway, I have managed to get my game back on track. If I do take
an iron from the tee I have to ensure I allow my ‘natural’ swing to
shine through. This shift allowed me to experience one of my
greatest days in golf…check my Blog under “The Magic of Golf”.


I have a just opened my new teaching studio in Melbourne. If you’d
like to drop in and learn all about Golf Instruction 2.0 then let
me know. I’m only taking a few clients each day…so please get in
early! Contact details below.

I have been approached to do some seminars for golf clubs/groups. I
plan on recording these events and offering them to my clients as a
‘webinar’. The first video should be available in a week or so.

The Bunker Buster is going through final testing. This could be the
world’s first indoor bunker training aide. You won’t believe how
effective it is. It teaches golfers the two crucial fundamentals of
bunker play. Most golfers get this wrong and continually struggle
with sand shots…more soon.

And finally, the Power Stool is nearly ready…we’ve just had a
minor design change to make it even better. The Power Stool forces
you to synchronise your upper and lower body with the arms. This gives you more power
and accuracy. This could be the single best device for learning the
downswing move, The Big Toe theory and apply power correctly. If
you’d like to learn more please drop me a line. I have 100 Power
Stools in production…so let me know if you want to reserve
one…you’ll have it by Christmas!

Before I go I would like to congratulate a few friends that have
had some outstanding performances recently;

Aaron Baddeley for winning the Australian Masters

Kurt Barnes for nearly winning the above. He faded slightly on the
back nine but would have learned plenty from the experience.

David Lutterus for qualifying this week on the PGA Tour. An amazing
effort in unbelievable pressure. Look forward to seeing him do his
thing next year!

I wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and hope to hear from
you soon.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan


Phone: 0403372261