It’s not trying to swing slowly. Or,
Keeping your head down or even
Swinging on plane.

These things are tricks and they rarely work that well. It’s sad because a lot of the golf industry is built around these golf tips (especially the magazines).

At best, most golf tips will give you a short spell of joy. But it won’t last. You’ll then be forced to look for the next magic cure. Once you start jumping from tip to tip you enter the uncomfortable merry-go-round of golf improvement.

My golf tip today is simple. Nothing fancy and certainly no magic (although you will see improvement in your game).

What is it?

Play more.

If you play once per week see if you can squeeze another hit in. If you only play monthly, a second game will work wonders.

Why does this work?

Because the more you play the better you’ll become at it.

I know it sounds obvious but think about this for a second…

If you go to the driving range and hit 50 balls you’re really only getting better at hitting 50 balls at the range. If you’re doing swing drills in the garage you’re only improving your ability at doing swing drills.

Practice needs to be relevant. And there’s nothing more relevant than venturing out onto the golf course. You’ll get better at “playing golf”.

Hitting your tee shots in play.
Sinking those pressure putts more often.
Eradicating yourself from trouble spots.
Learning to get a score on the board.

I know all this sounds obvious but it’s my experience that too many golfers neglect this obvious lesson. They get caught up in swing technique and keep looking for those quick-fixes. They forget to play the game.

But I’m already maxed out. I can’t play anymore golf…

If you’re already playing 3 or 4 times per week and don’t think this will work for you then think again. You’ve gotta play smarter.

You need to become more focused because I can bet my last buck that you’re not,

– picking a clearly defined target
– swinging freely without fear or concern
– hitting the shots you know you can hit

Each shot needs your full attention and you’ve got to approach the game with a sense of childlikeness. You’ve got to work out what you want to do but then have a carefree attitude about the outcome.

Learning to truly “play golf” cuts through the garbage. You’re no longer concerned about the rough, score or handicap. And you couldn’t give a stuff about “how” you play. Your mission is to get the ball into the hole in the least number of strokes.

If your 2015 golfing adventure hasn’t gotten off to the best start then start playing more. It the best golfing tip I can give because it’s the only way I know you can improve your golf while reducing your practice time…