Last night I had the following conversation with a keen bean golfer…

Golfer: I’m really struggling around the greens. Our course has some thick grass around
the greens and I can’t get the ball out!

Me: I have got a simple solution for you but I’m worried you’ll think I’m being a smart bum.

Golfer: Oh no. Please tell me. I’m not worried about thinking you’re being smart. What
can I do?

Me: OK. You say that you’re having trouble with those shots around the green. But when
was the last time you took a handful of balls and ventured out onto the golf course and
practised these shots?

Golfer: (silence….) Oh….. I haven’t ever done it.

Me: And that’s fine. But the simplest thing you could do here is to learn to hit that shot
from the “sticky” grass. Take your sand iron and open it up. Take a big swing at it.
Move the ball position. Try some different shots. You’ll never get better at your short
game if you never practice it.

I know all this sounds obvious. But many of us ignore or a blind to the most effective
ways of learning and getting better at golf.

And this is why I love 80/20 Learning . It grabs you by the collar and forces you to focus
on the MOST important stuff. There’s no hiding. Either you’ve got the courage to do
the really important things or you don’t. New clubs, swing tips and thoughts are rarely
going to help you that much.

In our third and final 80/20 video, Scott and I discuss the path to golf mastery – how you
can get the best results with the least amount of effort.

We’ve also got a special announcement at the end.

Check out the 3rd 80/20 video over here.

Thanks for watching and I hope these videos have helped.


P.S. This video could be the most important one that I’ve ever shot.