Golf should be 4 or 5 hours of fun and satisfaction. But oftentimes it can all be a bit of a nightmare.

And this is sad because once you’re able to unlock some sort of consistent game, you’ll be able to play far better than you’d ever think possible.

And it can get even better…

… I’ve been able to use golf as a learning vehicle that has allowed me to not only play more than decent golf, I’ve used the learnings in all walks of my life.

And it’s why golfers from all over the planet says things to me like,

“You have changed my life”

And this is the power of a learning methodology over the technical one.

One is full of false promises that literally force you to keep searching and find new “things” to work on.

The other?

It allows you to shake the living daylights out of the game and extract all the satisfaction and performance that you’re capable of for your dedication and skill level.

And I think it can get even better still…

… because you can get to a level where you can forget about HOW you play golf and instead focus fully on playing the game.

And from here your success and performances can compound.

You get better results with the least amount of effort. Instead of concerning yourself with,

Your score
Your handicap
Your playing partners
Your grip or stance
What peeps think of you
What your Pesky mind is telling you (things like, “you’re no good”, “you don’t deserve to play better” or “you are going to stuff up this shot”)

You focus fully on the game. Hitting the little white ball to a predetermined target in a way that SUITS YOU.

When you reach this place you CAN’T HELP but get the good stuff that we are all chasing. And it comes way easier and more consistently than the “other” way.

And I know this can all sound a bit too good to be true but it’s what I have been able to experience over the last 25+ years. And it’s definitely what peeps write to me (almost everyday) as they share their experiences with Automatic Golf.

If I contrast this with HOW I (and my clients) used to approach the game there’s a world of difference.

Many golfers are so let down by the game that they feel like quitting. And it’s not from NOT trying.

Golfers are busting their hump to play somewhere near half-decently.

They practice all the time
They take lessons and do everything they are told
They THINK about the game a lot
They are passionate about golf and live and breath it
They buy new clubs and believe the hype around the “new” technology

But they can’t figure things out so they can truly play the game and extract ALL the great stuff that’s on offer.

And this leads to a golfing resentment where if it goes on long enough the golfer either,

Gives up and forgets about the game.


Accepts bargain basement levels of performance and enjoyment.

Both are sad.

There’s no doubt that the game of golf is too hard for many. The great Jack Nicklaus says that difficulty is one of three things hurting the game from growing (the other two being the high cost and the slow pace of play).

But golf really isn’t that hard. It’s certainly not impossible.

And it’s infinitely easier and more rewarding and enjoyable if you stop trying to learn the game in a way that your system isn’t designed.

The best time to have adopted a simpler approach to golf performance would have been, 5, 10, 15 or 30 years ago.

The second best time is NOW.

Check out this story on my greatest discovery to peak golf performance that makes golf success as easy as can be.

If you’ve got a few minutes, you’re super-passionate about playing your best but you’re currently dissatisfied with your current level of play, this might be the most important thing you’ll read.