I love the term hatching. A mate of mine termed the phrase to describe someone who takes forever to hit the golf ball – they stuff around so much it appears they’re hatching eggs.

I’ve pinched it and am using it officially to describe those golfers that take too long over the ball, think too much and generally make golf harder than it needs to be. I’m working on the opposite of a Hatcher too – an automatic golfer, someone who plays the game. If you can think of a good name for an automatic golfer please let me know.

My advice is don’t be a Hatcher. It takes too much time and energy and really doesn’t help you. Modern golf instruction breeds Hatchers. Young golfers are encouraged to take their time, think about every possibility, make practise strokes and analyse each shot to death. It really is no wonder why some golf rounds take upwards of five hours.

If you think you’re a Hatcher stop it. See if you can become more decisive and play more quickly. If you can get some footage of golf from 50 years ago you’ll see the perfect role models. A look at the target, a quick shuffle to the ball, a waggle or two and then whack! The entire process over and done with in a few seconds. Less fluffing about and more time to smell the flowers. Golf the way it should be.