This is a phrase that we’ve all uttered. On the days when you don’t feel quite right, hitting a golf ball can seem like the hardest thing. It certainly does feel like we lose our ability to make contact with the ball.

But can you actually lose your golf swing?

I’ve been giving this some thought this week. Played with a golf pro on Tuesday and he wasn’t happy with his game. He was rusty and poorly prepared to play. And sure, he made some bad swings and wasn’t setting theĀ  golf course alight. He kept saying he had lost his swing or he “didn’t have it” today.

I don’t think you lose your golf swing. It goes missing when you let interference get in the way. The most common distractions are self-inflicted. Ego, worry, nerves and fear.

When you swing freely, no matter how you feel, you maximise the chances of playing better golf. It’s never easy (because it’s normal for golfers to think and worry) but this is the best way of finding your swing and getting the most out of your game.

The golf pro was a different animal on the back nine. He stopped analysing and started playing. He got into the game and focused on what it was he was trying to do. This involved some important questions:

  • how far is the shot?
  • where is the target?
  • what club do I need to hit?

There was no worry or interference. He decided what he wanted to do and went for it.

He birdied 10, 14 and 18. It was great to watch and when he stopped looking he found what he wanted all along. His golf swing returned.