The Golfer’s Nightmare

“Never playing to your full
potential... or trying too hard
for success you never achieve”


If I asked you right now “what one key fundamental or thing determines your level of golf success?” What would be your answer?

Your grip?
Your stance?
Your swing?
Your technique?
Your skill level?
The talent you were born with?
The amount of luck you have in any given round?
How much time you can dedicate to practice?
Your overall commitment?
How motivated you are to improve?

What if I told you it was none of the above?

What if I told you that your swing, talent or golf technique do not determine how well you’ll play?

Don’t think I’ve lost the plot. The above traits are important but my research has shown that these qualities almost always are not the ones holding you back from playing better golf.


Because these qualities only determine your potential for success. They do not guarantee you’ll be successful or how successful you’ll be.

Some golfers can spend years (like I did) trying to perfect these areas but never reach any level worth talking about. Others can make small improvements but don’t reach anywhere near their potential.

The main point is that your potential for success and your actual success are two different things. Potential can’t hit the ball for you, sink that winning putt or make you win the Club Championships.

Only actual success can do those things.

Ask yourself this….

Does your current level of success equal your potential?

Are the actual results you’re achieving equal to your potential? Do you believe that your current level of play and enjoyment are all that you could hope for?

If you can answer yes to those questions then you don’t need to keep reading. If you think you’re playing to your full potential then I strongly recommend that you stop reading and go and play golf. You are in the tiny percentage of golfers (the two percent) that I can’t help.

But if you answered NO to those questions then this manifesto will get your game back on track – it could be a golf changing event for you and I urge you to keep reading because it’s you I had in mind when I wrote it.

I’m hoping that by the time you’ve finished reading you’ll be “chomping at the bit”, excited and eager to get outside and play golf. I’m going to do my best to show you why you haven’t been able to play consistently and show you what has been holding you back.

Specifically, I’m going to show you one simple change in how you think about playing golf that will transform your current level and give it a boost in the right direction.

This change is probably not like any golf instruction you’ve heard in the past. It doesn’t have anything to do with swing changes, altering your technique or adopting some weird way of playing golf. But I have no doubt whatsoever it’ll help you play your best.

The key step is a change in attitude – no swing tips here, so it requires little physical effort on your part. Many golfers actually get “it” in seconds and see meaningful enhancement right away.

You’ll be able to eliminate your frustration and allow you to fall in love with golf all over again. And it will bring confidence, consistency and a sense of achievement – all quicker and with less effort that you’d ever think possible.

I know this all sounds too good to be true and you’re probably skeptical. I’m sure you’ve heard thousands of promises from other coaches and potential gimmick artists. You are also probably aware firsthand that many (most) of these things fail miserably.

But bear with me. Because even if I can deliver a fraction of my promise to you, it will be well worth your time and one of the best investments you can make to your game.

The benefits are not a quick fix that will last a round or two. What I’m about to share will last you a lifetime – you’ll learn the strategy for playing great golf and better still, how to continue to improve each time you play. It’s not a bad deal if you ask me.


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