It’s easy to get distracted. Our Pesky mind can throw all sorts of stuff our way:

– Don’t go in the water
– Oh boy, it’s very windy today
– My swing doesn’t feel right
– Keep out of the trees
– This putt is for birdie and I never birdie this hole
– Please don’t stuff up. I don’t want to embarrass myself

These types of thoughts will NEVER help you. They’re just a nasty distraction that complicate an already difficult game.

Golf is just metal on plastic*. It’s always metal on plastic. And the golfer who can accept this and ignore all the rubbish is always going to maximise their chances of playing how they really want.

And the real magic happens here because you can simplify your approach all the time. You can do it on the first tee right through to the 18th green. And it doesn’t matter if you’re playing in a social outing, your club championships or your contending in a major.

Seriously! It doesn’t matter HOW important you think a shot is or how special the event might be, you can always have the mindset of “it’s just metal on plastic”.

* thanks to Bloomberg for the inspiration. I love the idea of metal on plastic. Just hit the bloody golf ball and forget about all the other crap.