I have long since given up trawling the Internet looking for golf instruction and ways of improving my golf game. The main reason is there is just so much rubbish out there and it doesn’t interest me. Also, my readers like shooting me through stuff, so it keeps me somewhat in the loop. The following video caused me to fall off my chair and I actually watched it twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

To be fair, the video says “part 2”. Not sure if part 1 would have helped the cause much as I really can’t see the point of any of this. If you want to make golf really complicated then please try this. I don’t know how any of these funny moves can help any golfer hit the ball better. Watch the video below to see what I’m on about.

The most disturbing thing about this is the young(ish) kid at 4.55. He is trying to copy what the coach is doing and if he attempts this kind of stuff he has no chance of learning any sort of decent game. I’ve been around golf for a long time and I just can’t for the life of me understand what this instruction is about. I could be missing something, but it really looks like they’re going the long way around.

This kind of coaching (actually, it’s more like teaching) is stuck in first gear because the teacher thinks humans can take in a whole bunch of information and then apply it. If you don’t know any better you’d walk away from a lesson like this thinking you’ve got great value for money because you’d have a heap of ideas running around in your head and drills to do.

But it would fail you. And it would fail because you’d be trying to consciously control the entire motion and disrupt things (like balance) that happens naturally. You’d lose any sense of how to hit the ball and before long you’d be lost.

At 5.27 he says, “golf swing” as if his demonstration shows a really simple motion to hit the ball. This sums up this outdated attitude to teaching golf. The coach thinks “his” knowledge is all that matters and we’re capable of transferring his words into our game. When I look at this kind of thing I cringe and feel sorry for anyone that gets caught in the web. It’s a long and slow journey to failure.

Making golf simpler

That has always been my goal. Complicated technical instruction might make the coach look clever, but it certainly doesn’t help the students. Over my journey I’ve been involved with all sorts of weird stuff. Some offered a little help, but the vast majority is nothing but noise that distracts you from the primary objective. And what is that objective?

It’s simple. Your objective when you have a golf club in your hand is to hit the ball. And that’s it. If your coach is getting you to stand on your head and make all sorts of funky moves then he has forgotten this objective and the chances are his instruction will hurt rather than help.

This is not to say that all instruction is bad and that you can’t do specific drills to improve your swing. I’m all for that. But the main objective has to remain solid and if you get away from that you’ll over-complicate an already difficult game.

I’m fired up and need to get more of this off my chest so I’m going to spill the beans on the right way to improve your golf swing. I wanna show you how to do this naturally and in a way that’s not going to destroy your game. I’m going to challenge you and the status quo but it won’t confuse you or make you worse. And I’m definitely not going to ask you to make some sort of swirly helicopter move that makes you look like we’ve all lost the plot.

The content will come over the following weeks (maybe months) in a series of blog posts. I don’t know how many because I think this will grow as we share ideas and questions. I’ve got a lot to say and if you’ve ever wanted to develop a better and more instinctive golf swing then you’ll get a lot out of this.

The only catch is you’ll have to join the Golf Tribe. This information has taken me years to compile and is only for those that are serious about the improvement process. I’ve been working on the first game changing lesson and will deliver it shortly.

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