Evan has been helping out with some of the golf videos I’ve been shooting. As a payback he has been getting some assistance with his game.

He is a good golfer but I think he is letting himself down. Here’s why.

He is trying too hard. He his scared of making mistakes and is trying to be the perfect golfer.

This is counter intuitive I know – but he needs to stop caring and trying so much. The stupid game of golf is a paradox. When you can swing without care and fear, your game game goes up a level or two. When you can swing this way for a length of time you realise your potential.

Heading back from the course tonight I was listening to a golf DVD (I was stuck in traffic and bored). The coach was insisting that golfers need to get precise and aim for perfection. I disagree with this fully.

Evan played three poor shots in the first three holes. He was grinding and trying as hard as he could (probably in an effort to beat me πŸ™‚ )After each bad shot he threw another ball down in disgust. The next attempt was successful. Same guy, same swing but a different mindset.

The other attempts were hit without care or thought. He wasn’t even trying that hard. When I highlighted this he recommitted to following the automatic process for the next few weeks. This means;

  • He can’t start complaining about his swing
  • He isn’t allowed to tell stories about the odd bad shot or two
  • And he definitely can’t start analysing and go searching for a different swing
  • Perfection is out – free, flowing and natural golf is in

The perfect golfer mindset is common. But for most it needs to be replaced with an easy going and care free spirit.

Not easy to do but could be the only thing standing between you and playing near perfect golf.