The following comment came from Adam. I like what he has to say. A lot. It’s a simple strategy alright but I reckon it will give you profound results if you’re able to implement.

Putting is the easiest part of the game. I have a girl at my golf course who takes millions of practice strokes and hits the putt way off line each time. She’s a very slow player and we have someone who keeps saying to her, “keep your posture and keep your left wrist flat” or “take it back slowly” when the real way to hit a putt is to hit the flipping ball somewhere near the hole. It was never about posture or wrist angles.

If we could all have the attitude of “hit the flipping ball somewhere near the hole” we’d all become better putters. Rarely does,

– taking extra time
– having more practice strokes
– thinking about the line
– changing putters
– trying to take the putter back smoothly
– or attempting to (insert magic tip here)

work that well. We can spend years in the golfing doldrums trying to putt better when one day we realise that it really is a simple skill. All the best putters I know keep this part of the game uncomplicated. They putt the ball towards the hole. Sometimes the putt goes in and if it misses they tap it in. They don’t three-putt that often and when they’re on they’re really on. I agree with Adam, it’s the easiest part of the game.

If your putting isn’t going that well for you then you MUST ask yourself the question,

“Am I making putting harder than it needs to be?”