If you wear glasses of are having trouble with your putting, then you’re going to love this email I received from an optometrist (it came through a few years ago now but it’s still as relevant as ever)

Here’s the email:

I am an Optometrist and play off a handicap of 2. I am now 49 so a small amount of astigmatism in my right eye has now started to emerge.

Likely it has been there all my life but as I have passed the magic 45 years of age now its effects are now more apparent.

The Yes putter I have used for 10 years now seems to be aligned at about 0.7 degrees open when I view a straight putt.

So I was faced with 2 options:

1. Get glasses to correct the right eye.

2. Find a putter that improved the alignment for me.

For those golfers faced with the same situation (young & old) you may wish to let them know that spectacle lenses, even low strength, will cause objects to be slightly smaller or enlarged and the astigmatism correction will very slightly stretch things.

Now if you wear glasses all the time your brain will re-calibrate to a degree. If you wear them infrequently (e.g. golf only) you do not have the same degree of familiarity when wearing your spectacles.

Long story short, you may well still struggle to line up your putter even with spectacles. Reading breaks on greens & seeing slopes can be more difficult with part time spectacle ware. In addition the depth perception due to the magnification or minification caused by the spectacle lenses may also be just a little off.

Naturally enough you can go to contact lenses but part time wear also makes this unpleasant.

So the Dot Putter is really a very simple solution for a whole lot of golfers (including younger players) whose eyesight is just slightly affected by small amounts of astigmatism (typically 0.75 D or less) and whose binocular acuity (how they see with both eyes) is still 6/6 when combined.

It allows them to use the vision that is considered ‘normal’ yet provides the surety that the putter is being aligned properly.

For those people moving into full time spectacle wear the same applies i.e. you may well find you need assistance with your alignment when wearing your new spectacles.

Particularly in the 2-3 weeks after the prescription has just been changed & you are adapting to the changes.

So, if you’re not putting as well as you’d like, then the chances are you’re struggling with alignment. And when you can’t align yourself properly, you are doomed to fail.

But get it right, and you’ll get an injection of confidence and you’ll certainly make more putts.

And here’s something more profound that you may not know about:

Your putter alignment is at least 5 times more important than your putter path. I know that lots of golfers worry about their stroke and path, but you can bypass a lot of this stuff by simply having your putter face pointing at the right spot at impact!


There’s not enough friction generated between putter and ball at impact for putter path to matter as much as you’d think.

Your path can be way off and you’ll still be able to sink putts. I’ve tested this on many golfers and it never ceases to surprise.

But if your putter-face alignment is a degree or two askew, you’ll start missing putts – even the short ones.

I like to call the Dot Putter the Automatic Putter because it helps you align automatically.

It’s one less thing to think about and this just simplifies the entire process.

If you want to try one of the best putters on the market – a putter that is going to help you get aligned much better and consistently, then check this out now.