I received the below email from Stevie today. If you’re struggling with your putting I’m sure you’ll get something out of it. I’ve also added some of my comments at the bottom.

Hi Cameron

Not had a chance to put it into practice as yet as our course is
currently covered in snow!!!

I have read through the book once and intend to go through it again this
week at some point.

Several points you made have struck a chord with me, not least, the
description you make of your own golf game – excellent ball striking
coupled with poor putting leading to reasonable but frustrating scores.
I have been doing the same thing for a number of years – holding my
handicap at 2 but getting more and more annoyed with my putting holding
me back week after week.

The funny thing for me is that as a child I was probably the best putter
in our club. I have spent a lot of thought and effort over the last few
years trying to recover the putting form I had when I was younger.
Always, the reason why I was a good putter then has escaped me and I
cannot find through either thought or practice what it was that I used
to have.

On reading your book the startling thought occurred to me…… that
perhaps I always was and still am a good putter and that there was never
any real reason why this should be the case. Maybe I have never lost
this ability just managed to “let myself get in the way of my own
ability” so to speak.

I definitely plan to try your technique because it makes perfect sense.
As pointed out many tasks are completed on a daily basis without really
thinking about them (I sing when driving all the time, not to great
level I might add!!) so why should this not apply to putting? Its not
as though I put any great effort into actually hitting the ball, one
basic swing thought has been working day in day out (touch wood) for a
number of years.

Hopefully the snow will clear soon and I will get on the course to try
it out.

I will keep you informed of my progress.



Thanks Stevie for a great email. Sometimes we make the game harder than it needs to be. Yes, I agree with you – your natural putting is still inside, you have to let it out. All the worry and over trying has not helped. If you’ve got the ability to hit the ball well, then you’ve got all the talent and skill to be a fantastic putter.

The secret is to let go, stop trying so hard and let your subconscious take over. You’ll start putting better almost immediately.

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