I feel qualified to make the above statement.

I have been involved in a major scientific study of the golf swing which led to the development of BioSwing. I’ve also been passionate about natural learning and playing golf instinctively.

Two different paths that have helped shaped my golf career.

But what’s the most important?

Science is good. It helps answer questions and sets things straight. But it can’t be everything.

Too much science leads to too much thinking. This, in my opinion, will never allow you to be the best player you can be. A thinker will invariably;

  • play slowly
  • fuss about
  • worry too much about the score
  • think too much about the swing
  • play well below their best
  • get frustrated
  • become boring

The artists have the advantage. They learn to play first and worry later. This is a gift that has to be learned and can’t be bought. Fancy clubs, lessons and new technology will only help so much. More information (science) just gets in the way.

The hard part is not the stance or swing. It’s learning to be an artist. Thinking less and playing more is scary and goes against most instruction. If you want to play your best golf learn to be an artist.