Sometimes simple really is better. And when it comes to golf, a little simplification can go a long way to playing your best. Here’s a true story that highlights this point.

In 2016 I was coaching a young junior champ (YJC). He was a very good golfer and he certainly had the world at his feet.

He would travel by train to my hometown most weekends and we’d spend Saturday and Sunday playing golf, talking golf and working on his game.

It was a lot of fun and he was certainly a much better golfer by the end of the year than when he started.

But one thing would always bother me with YJC’s game…

… he would always take a long time on the putting green. And most of that time was spent lining up his golf ball with the hole (or target line).

He had the customary line on his ball and he’d crouch down behind and then attempt to get things lined up.

Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I was never too big a fan with lines on the golf ball and all this lining up stuff. It just seemed like too much time and effort.

But YJC was adamant that lining the ball up was good for his game. He told me,

“Cameron, when I know I am lined up correctly I putt with way more confidence”.

And I wasn’t about to mess with his confidence.

And in what I can only describe as a Flash of Inspiration, I had an idea.

While I was watching YJC fumble about trying to line up his ball to the target, I thought why don’t we use 3 lines on the ball instead of just the one!!

And then, in a further burst of inspiration, I added a 4th line to the ball that helped line the putter face to the target so it was super-square. We came up with a makeshift solution and he was away.

From here, YJC was able to line his ball up perfectly to the target and then get set up correctly. And he was able to do this in record time. No more stuffing around. No more readjusting the ball position multiple time to get it right. His putting game flowed more and he was certainly more relaxed.

Because of the extra lines on the ball, lining up to the target became easier. In fact, after a few hours, he was automatic. And this made me much happier.

The extra lines simplified the entire process and he was able to putt with more confidence.

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