When I’m playing well my swing feels slow and heavy. When things aren’t going to plan it’s more like fast and light.

Heavy stuff is easy to “feel” and when the club head feels heavy I have this sensation I can move the thing with power. The slow part gives me the sensation I have more “time” to hit the ball. This feeling is almost like cheating. And if you listen to successful athletes they’ll tell you they, “have more time”.

Fast and light offers no feedback. It’s not possible to “feel” what’s going on and the swing appears to be over before you’ve got feedback. I feel rushed and awkward and generally am looking for the finish line. Light and fast happens when we disrupt the process and try too hard. We need to give up control to gain it. Another wonderful contradiction in this crazy game.

Many don’t feel their swing. They’re asleep to what’s going on. If you can awaken and have awareness from start to finish you’ll discover why slow and heavy is the way to go. It just feels better.