Here’s an article from John Feinstein that’s right on the mark.

Poor Tiger. It seems everyone has an opinion about his game, but I think Feinstein is correct. Here’s the bit I like the most:

When you cut to the heart of the train wreck that Woods’ golf game is right now, it isn’t about a two-way miss, taking an inch off his driver, looking at old video, whether his back hurts, his knees are bothering him or whether he needs yet another new teacher.

It’s about what’s between his ears, stupid.

“Between his ears” can be interpreted many ways. And often to say something along the lines of “Oh yeah, it’s all in his mind” is a bit of a cop out. What I reckon Feinstein is saying is for Tiger to get out of his own way and play the game.

And just maybe a hardnut like Butch Harmon is the man to see him through. Harmon wouldn’t put up with any of his girly stories and I don’t think he’s the kind of coach who would want to rebuild his golf swing. Butch it seems is all about getting a score on the board and that’s what Tiger needs to start focusing on.

What do you think?