If you’re thinking about changing your golf swing or reworking your golf swing then please watch the video below.

Sean O’Hair makes some excellent points about learning and improving. The big thing here is that it’s often too easy to listen to others and place to much emphasis on what these people say. No matter how nice a golf coach is or how well meaning, he will never know more about your golf game than you do. So we all have to learn to trust ourselves more. Sean O’Hair gives you some excellent pointers on how to do so.

The bit I like the best is this:

What did I do when I was a kid? And do I like to play the game of golf?

O’Hair is fortunate he has made this learning breakthrough early in his career. For many, they don’t figure it out or not until they have completely destroyed their golf game. Your way is absolutely the best way to play and the chances are you don’t need that swing guru as much as you think you do.

Go play.