This message comes from Harry who’s 82 years young. It’s emails like this that keep me motivated to keep producing content and sharing my ideas.

Over the last two months I have reduced my handicap from 26 to 19 not without a lot of practise with the putter. I think this is pretty good considering that I am 82 years of age. I have become so confident that I bought a new set of Ping clubs last week. I have found that playing in the subconscious reduces a lot of pressure and I regularly listen to the CD of yours…I suggest that you rebirth this CD for all of your current customers, it is the greatest learning instructions available.

His email made my day and I’m thrilled to bits that my stuff has helped him play with more confidence and enjoyment.

This is a blatant plug, but here’s where you can get my Remarkable Golf audio. It’s no longer available in a hard copy version, but you can get the Mp3 version that can be instantly downloaded to your device.

It’s also a steal for $5. Do what Harry suggests, and learn how to play golf subconsciously.