Freezing, challenging and just totally sensational. I just didn’t want it to end”

Mark, from the Old Course, St. Andrews Scotland

G’day golfer,

This is my 100th blog post and I want to tell you about a success story.

Mark came to me in December frustrated with game. He had been playing for about five years and was not happy with his handicap or his level of play. He had tried everything to improve but nothing seemed to work.

Compounding Mark’s frustration was an upcoming game at St. Andrews in Scotland. They have a handicap limit of 22. Mark’s handicap varied between 26 and 27, so he needed some work if he was going to be able to play at the Old Course.

When I first saw Mark swing the club I was certain he needed NO major technical overhaul. His swing was sound – he needed to free up and stop playing safe.

Since late December Mark has had three lessons. Two in person and one via email. In that time he has scored 38 for nine holes, won a monthly medal and reduced his handicap below 22 (I think he is now at 21). He went off track for a little bit, which is quite normal, but has rediscovered his mojo.

I received an email from Mark yesterday. He had his round at St. Andrews and he had a great day. His email appears below.


I played St Andrews yesterday. Scored 35 stableford points with four wipes so I was really very happy with my game. I even had a birdie which is a pretty rare animal for me.

The course and the experience was totally sublime. It was everything that I had built it up to be and more. We had blue sky, we had wind, we had snow then more blue sky. At times when the wind was up at around 30 knots the temperature was down at around 5 below zero. Freezing, challenging and just totally sensational. I just didn’t want it to end.



I was thrilled to receive his email. Firstly, it was sensational that he was able to play at St. Andrews. If he hadn’t lowered his handicap then that day never would have happened. The second is that he was able to play well on a tough day. The extra pressure of a Championship golf course mixed with poor weather would send many golfers over the edge.

Mark has found the magic of playing golf HIS way. He can follow the automatic process and is rewarded with a consistent and enjoyable golf game. He has opened up the possibility for remarkable golf – something that mainstream instruction makes difficult. Now he has a taste for it I’m sure he will progress further. His next game is at Royal County Down in Northern Ireland. Let’s wish him luck.

Good golfing,