One of my other jobs is helping small business owners create what I call “education marketing” systems. I’ve helped a number of clients spread the word about their expertise and along the way assist their customers get what they want. It’s a classic win-win.

I’ve repeated the process over the years and love to watch the results. It continues to work and if you ask me, content marketing will always get better results then a lot of the newer concepts that have turned up.

My favourite strategy these days is blogging. A blog is basically an article that talks about something specific in your business (it can be anything). And the more you write, the more likely it is that new customers will find you in the search engines. My motto is simple: The more you tell the more you sell.

But blogging has one terrible disadvantage over all the other “newer” and sexier strategies. It’s slow. It takes time to write and many business owners hate to write. So it gets put off or it gets done poorly because the distraction of the instant hit is so strong. I’m amazed at how many biz owners don’t tell their story and definitely don’t take the time to differentiate themselves from all the other competition. Could there be anything more important?

I haven’t suddenly turned this into a business blog. There are some lessons to be learned here as our golf game mimics much of what happens in everyday life.

Golfers get distracted by the hit of the quick fix. Golf magazines have almost exclusively sold copies because of the tips contained within and many golf pros have worked on the formula too – they give the student a few fast ideas and send them on their way.

But it’s all shortsighted if you ask me. The golf-tip mindset promises a lot but delivers little.

Automatic Golf requires commitment and discipline. You have to turn up and be prepared to play your way. You have to avoid the constant noise and stick to your guns and have a never quitting desire to do it your way. It takes patience. Along the way you’ll be tempted to stray but those that hang tough get the ultimate reward. A consistent and rewarding golf game.

My most popular golf article generates 1000+ new visitors each month. It was written years ago and it keeps working day after day. It costs me nothing. The return on this one article is miles better then any paid advertisement can give me. It has taken time and effort but I’m now starting to get the benefit from all of these golf blogs.

An Automatic Golfer can turn up and play above average golf without a worry in the world. Something more remarkable could turn up at anytime. There’s little stress and he certainly don’t need to go looking for his swing on the practice tee. He plays consistently and can walk from the course with more energy and excitement than he entered. The automatic golfer has maximised his potential for success and it’s all far easier than the alternative.

Final point: The best time to start Automatic Golf (or blogging) was yesterday (or last year or last month). But right now is the next best option. Just don’t be in a hurry…