The guy wasn’t the most fun to play with.

He was always grumpy. Always complaining. Rarely happy with his golf game.

And because he was a prickly character, hardly anyone wanted to play with him.

One day, out of the blue, he turned up at my golf studio for a lesson.

He poured his heart out to me over 90 minutes.

“I’m embarrassed about how I play”

“I can’t figure out why I can’t play better”

“I’m a high achiever but golf has gotten the better of me”

“I just want to be more consistent”

“I love golf but I am very close to calling it quits because I find it too frustrating”

“I just want to have some fun with the game”

It was a familiar story, but maybe slightly more extreme than other golfers I had spoken with.

My goal with Grumpy Golfer was to simplify. To get him back to “playing golf” and not worrying about all the technical details that he had become obsessed with.

He left the studio with a bit of a spring in his step. I was hopeful he would make some strides but I didn’t think he would fully embrace my message because he was caught up in swing mechanics and all the theory.

A few days later Mr. Grumpy called me;

Grumpy: Cameron!! I just shot a 68… it’s the best score I’ve had in years. This stuff is brilliant!

Even better for me Mr. Grumpy was no longer that grumpy and wanted to share the Automatic Golf story with all golfers. He pretty much became my biggest fan in less than a week!

He arranged to interview me and have our conversation transcribed. From here, my Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach book was created.

The book takes a deeper dive into;

Natural learning principles and how they can be applied to golf.

How to get out of a golfing rut and bring your A-game to the surface.

How to unlock your instinctive golf swing.

How to practice properly so you can pretty much guarantee you’ll see improvement

How to use golf as a learning vehicle so you find deeper satisfaction and enjoyment.

How to take your game to the golf course and perform consistently.

Plus lots more.

The book is ideal for all golfers but it’s particularly useful for those that are stuck in a rut and struggling to find their best game. And it’s absolutely brilliant if golf has caused you to become a little bit grumpy.

Check out my favourite book and the 60 minute audio that it comes with. It might help give you some perspective and allow you to truly enjoy the game again. I truly hope so.