I’ve made a comeback! I’m now playing soccer (real football) once a week. Played as a kid but haven’t pulled on the boots since I was 16 – and I’m loving it. My only regret is I didn’t start doing this sooner because I’m really enjoying the team aspect and getting outside and running around.

At training the other night the coach asked everyone to stand on the line in preparation of some sprints. But most of the guys weren’t settled. They were slow to react. There was too much talking and chatter. I was ready to go and was impressed with how the coach reacted.

He just stood in the middle of the pitch with his arms folded.. He didn’t say a word.  If it was me I probably would have yelled and screamed but the silence was deafening. The guys eventually got the message.

And here’s the thing…

… many in the team weren’t quite there. They kept getting distracted and couldn’t perform the drills with full intensity. They weren’t at their best.

And the same thing happens of the golf course. Can you stay focused with full intensity for each shot? Can you give it your all for those important 30 seconds during execution? If you can’t then no amount of training, new clubs or swing gimmick will ever help you.

While one swing (or training drill) is probably never going to make or break you, when you bring full intensity to each and every task it has an accumulative effect. You get a little bit better each time you show up. And you’re significantly better in one month, one year or one decade later.