Breaking free from golf score

I think I’m so focused on results…that I never truly enjoy the game. What if I played just one game without worrying about score? I’ll still take it, but I won’t become defined by it. What if I just play for fun? Just for one game and see how...

The importance of intensity

I’ve made a comeback! I’m now playing soccer (real football) once a week. Played as a kid but haven’t pulled on the boots since I was 16 – and I’m loving it. My only regret is I didn’t start doing this sooner because I’m...

So what?

My swing is no good… So what? But I’m worried I’ll hit the ball into the trees So what? But I’ll make a bad score. So what? I’ll look stupid to my mates. So what? And my handicap will go out. So what? And I won’t feel too good. So...

Panic merchant

The sign at the entrance to Byron Bay reads, relax, slow down and chill out. It’s a great mantra for a popular holiday spot (Maybe they should also add, turn off mobile phones). A mantra for a busy golfer could be, relax, slow thoughts and play the game. I used...

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