Most golfers are process oriented: They turn up, go through their normal routine and hope for the best. Typically they don’t change – they’re locked in and aren’t aware of any new opportunities. There’s also little fear because they rarely step outside their comfort zone.

Some golfers play a different game: They’re prepared to step it up, challenge themselves and even appear stupid.

Playing from the back tee, joining three low markers on medal day, learning to play a high and soft bunker shot, making all the three-footers on practice days, playing a different course once in a while (even if it’s a public course and a step down from your normal). What makes this hard is you can fail. You can stuff up and feel like you’ve taken a backward step.

It’s my contention that you’ve got to be prepared to fail (look stupid) to experience everything golf has got to offer. Ego and score hold most back – are you willing to look stupid if it meant you’d have a real breakthrough?