Great writers write first and edit later. The poor ones think too much and keep getting writer’s block.

And it’s hard to keep writing when you know there’s an odd spelling mistake or some other issue. But the writer keeps on trucking.

They write. And edit later.

I’ll be forever grateful to my mentor for helping coach me through the writing process. And while I’ll never be brilliant, I’m confident enough to be dangerous.

And the golfer must play first. We’ve gotta whack the ball without worry or concern. And we must play with the realisation that we too can (and should) edit later.

While we can’t charge the outcome of a putt or drive, we know we’re maximising our potential for success by not getting in the way while we play. And we’re learning. We’re getting a little bit better each time and our ultimate goal isn’t short term (like having too much focus on our immediate score or handicap).

If you’re always editing you’re not really playing golf. You’re not a golfer and you shouldn’t be on the course.

But let go and you’ll open up a brand new world. And like I’ve just said, there’s plenty of time for editing later on.