having the golf course to yourself. It’s magic.

I went out and played tonight with a handful of clubs. I haven’t done it for over a year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

– Hitting chip shots from all sorts of places
– Playing two or three balls
– Experimenting with different shots

Plus there’s the exciting stuff.

– the holed bunker shot
– wedge to a few inches
– towering 3 wood onto the green

Poor shots fade from memory as you quickly focus on the next shot. It’s actually the perfect mindset to play the game (when it really counts). And this is exactly what I’ve been missing out on of late. Not playing enough and too worried about the score when I get there. It’s exhausting and not overly rewarding.

So I’m definitely going to “play” more this year. Had enough of the struggle and walking from the course dissatisfied.

The only issue now is working on the leave passes from The Boss.