I was surprised to see a friend post this link on his Facebook page and more surprised that he seemed to be seriously considering it. A really smart dude that does a lot of good in the business world, he seems to be suckered into the mentality that we can take a pill and cure our problems. It highlights what’s wrong in the world.

The same mentality exists in the golf arena.

We’re quick to try any sort of tip in the hope of instant improvement or change clubs at the drop of a hat in the hope of more distance or better accuracy. Some of us will do anything and the more competitive the golf market becomes, the more outrageous the marketing claims.

I’ve tried a lot of things to improve my golf. Some of them have been weird, whacky and downright stupid. Others have offered a little more but nothing comes close to learning to:

– trust my golf swing
– understand (and respect) my learning system
– stand up on the first tee and swing like I can’t fail (and then repeat)
– play golf the way I really want and stop listening to all of the “experts”
– stop looking for instant miracle cures and learning to accept the odd bad shot/game

This might seem like a daunting list but experience has taught me that it is far easier, faster and offers much more than all the other “pills” combined. Instead of looking outside for the answers we all need to look inside. We are in control of our game, but only if we stop getting distracted by all the noise.

By the way, I call this way of approaching the game Automatic Golf but really, all it is playing golf, minus the garbage.

A question: Have quick tips and fixes really offered you any true improvement/satisfaction? Leave your thoughts below.