Holdini shot me through this video and his comment was:

How to teach a kid how NOT to dance. I find this quite upsetting.

I agree 100%. This kind of teaching makes me furious. I feel sorry for this young kid. His swing flow has been completely disrupted and I don’t think he has a chance. It’s sad, because if he was allowed to hit the ball “his” way he’d do just fine. I nearly vomited near the end when Troy was stopped moments from taking the club away from the ball and then shown the “right” way. His next backswing was horrible and looks so artificial. Yuck! And it can’t be much fun having a domineering instructor bellowing at your every move.

Half way through you get to see a younger kid hitting some shots. His swing is much better. There’s flow there and he looks way more comfortable except for the artificial finish position. Sadly, I think he will end up in the same position as Troy if he keeps taking lessons from the same instructor.

On a way happier note, compare Troy’s swing with this little master.

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