“You’re swinging too quickly!”. How often have you heard that?

If you’ve been playing golf for any length of time then I bet you’ve been told that many times. More than likely after a bad shot or two.

Many golfers like to help their playing partners by giving this type of advice. I don’t like it because I don’t think it helps.

I believe that a golfer offering this advice doesn’t really know what is wrong (or right) and they use the “your swinging too quickly” line because they can’t think of anything else. It seems they believe that giving this type advice will make a difference. “Swing too quickly” gets used so much that it seems some golfers think it could be the answer to everything.

But how slowly should you swing … a little or a lot? This is the problem with this type of instruction. You don’t know and it’s impossible to tell. It’s even harder for the player (the pupil) to understand.

Trying to swing correctly or with a slower tempo is the worst thing you can do. It interrupts your natural flow and style. Your golf swing becomes over controlled and messy. A bit like trying to tie your shoe laces or attempting to make a perfect signature. The harder you try the more difficult it becomes and the more energy you use. It just doesn’t work.

I believe golfers would play better if they stopped trying to swing perfectly or strive for the ultimate swing tempo. Hitting the ball should be the goal, not concerning yourself with how it looks or the speed of the swing.

When golfers let go of their vain attempts at appearance and start to swing the club more instinctively a wonderful thing happens.

Their golf swing resembles a dance. A dance naturally has rhythm, grace and flow. It’s easy to watch and more fun to do. You’re also less likely to cop interference from pesky playing partners that keep telling you to “swing more slowly”. They’ll be too busy trying to copy you!

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan