Taking the first step. It’s always the hardest.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to play golf more freely, start a business or achieve some other goal. The first step is always the hardest.

Golfers are scared. We’re afraid of making mistakes, looking stupid and embarrassing ourselves. This is sad because it’s exactly what is holding you back.

“Progress always involves risk: You can’t steal second base while keeping your foot on first”, is a quote I read today. It sums up the learning process nicely.

I talk daily with golfers that have the desire to improve their play. But they’re too scared to start. They’re somewhat comfortable in their current game (despite it not working). And because starting something new is hard they don’t do it. They’re stuck – too scared to get out of their own way. Worried they might have a poor score or hit a bad shot or two.

It really is sad.

Most golf instruction, technology and swing gurus won’t help you. It has to come from you.

Decide right now how’d you like to play and then commit to doing it. It’s time to bite the bullet and take the first step. Better golf awaits.