David is a good golfer. He has talent, commitment and a keen desire to improve. But he has been struggling. The reason?

He is impatient. He is expecting too much and trying to play perfectly. The result?

He gets tight. He plays safe and he is not letting go.

And this is the hard part. To change his current form he needs an attitude adjustment. His adult mind is throwing him all the reasons why he isn’t playing better.

He needs to stop being so harsh on himself and put some trust in his learning ability. Here’s three simple steps to get started.

1. Work out what he needs to do
2. Choose a club for the job
3. Let rip

This strategy gives no room for excuses. Either he has the guts to do it or he doesn’t.

And one more thing. He needs to stick with it. There’s no short cut or quick fixes here. After a month or two of following this approach I’d be surprised if he hadn’t left his golfing slump behind.