Learning Secret #2:
Learn to trust your natural game

I know this is not going to be popular with everyone but it’s essential that you understand your learning limitations. Here’s the thing…

… so many golfers waste time and energy attempting to play golf in a way that doesn’t suit them. They work on swing tips and all sorts of advice in an attempt to improve their golf swing.

But it doesn’t work. For example, these frustrated golfers try and draw the ball (or even hit it straight) when they should stick with a fade. And they fail miserably because they’re not playing THEIR game.

If you’re ever going to be the best player you can be then you need to find your natural game/swing. Nature has a way of winning the war – if you want to have consistent and long-term success then stop fighting nature. Learn to put your trust in your natural learning system and you’ll do fine.

And here’s the real kicker. We do so many other skills without a thought or a care. But our golf games have us beaten because we simply don’t know how to let go and allow our natural learning system take over.

And here’s something even more important:

When you understand and experience your natural game, swing changes become far simpler.

The most important step you can make right now is to stop fighting your system. Let your natural, powerful and reliable golf swing shine through and I promise you will experience better golf, starting almost immediately.

And if you can't take my word for it have a listen to John Stead, a friend of mine and someone who frimly believes in the methodology behind Automatic Golf..

And one last thing...

DON'T think your instinctive
swing is not good enough...

When you let your natural learning system take over it will be better than any contrived swing you’ve been attempting.

For example, the severity of your hook or slice will be minimised, you will hit the ball better and there’s extra power too.

The hard part is getting out of your own way long enough for this to happen. Pesky has a way of winning this war – but you’ve got to stop him.

I’ve seen all sorts of golfers trying to force their bodies into positions it just isn’t meant to go. As a result they’re left with some horrible swing that gives them almost ZERO satisfaction.

Fuck the system! Swing the club HOW you want and if that means playing with a fade or a hook then so be it! I promise, you’ll never look back.


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