I received the below from a new client during the week.

Hello, I watched your intro video this morning and then went and played 9 holes using the throw club and throw ball ideas. I was blown away by results. They seem completely different swings though and I trust the club swing better. It felt like a really slow smooth swing. I’ve been playing golf for 4 yrs. I started with a GA hcp of 8, sliced every shot but knew that before I hit it, I decided to get lessons to become really good, after thousands of dollars in lessons and multiple PGA pros, plus countless books, my GA is 7.8 after going out to 12 during lessons.
Your throw technique seems brilliantly simple as it instantly worked.
I’m afraid to take on another coach or more tips, seeing how the throw technique works so well for me is it worth me watching more videos or reading more of your work as I’m afraid I’ll go down another rabbit hole of golf lessons?
I went to one golf pro who was happy that I went away from a lesson shanking every shot on the range because trackman said I now have an in to out path ( true story), I then played comp and shanked almost every shot for 18 holes! $75 per hour.

Here was my response:

Cameron: It pisses me off that you haven’t been coached too well. It shouldn’t happen, but golfers everywhere are getting worse not better with traditional ideas.

You would have been miles better off not having lessons.

Throwing the club has science on its side. Both biomechanically and more importantly, from a learning point of view.

I don’t do tips. Never have and never will. I had a full day coaching with a dude yesterday and we pretty much stayed on one thing. I know he wanted more “tips” but I didn’t buckle. I know he’ll go away and get better.

I could go on and on mate. But there’s a huge difference between teaching and coaching. Sadly, most of the industry likes the teaching/technique approach. Works for some, but there’s not many.

If you’re serious, you’ll check out Reboot.

And while you’re at it, you should pick up my book the Golfer’s Nightmare. These products take minimal financial investment but offer a whole heap of insight.

Final thought:
It really annoys me that golfers get brainwashed into thinking they need to put their trust into something like Trackman, when their own learning system is so much more advanced and reliable. I can certainly relate to all the lessons, all the money spent and not getting any better. This kind of story should be rare, but sadly, it’s all too common.

Resources: My Automatic Golf Reboot program was created this year to help golfers break-free from all the technical bullshit and unlock their own version of their swing. If you’ve been playing golf for more than a year, are continually frustrated and annoyed by inconsistency and simply don’t know what to try next, then Automatic Golf Reboot will get you back in the game.