In the golfing world almost everyone is so focused on learning “skills” and thinking about…

The grip


Swing plane

Forearm plane

Body pivot

Wrist cock

Weight shift

Backswing length

Yet there’s one thing that’s WAY more important.

And if you ignore it, you’ll always play below your best.

That’s right…

I’m talking about the ability to remain calm on the golf course during play.

And that should be easy, but it’s NOT!

The pressure of the scorecard, the trees and hazards, and fellow competitors…

Cause a golfer’s mind to spin out of control

You need to be able to ‘stop the wheels spinning’ and keep your mind focused on the true job at hand (hint: it’s not fixing your golf swing)

The ability to make good decisions under pressure will only help your score.

Getting carried away on emotion or processing too many thoughts will let tension and fear enter your system.

The golfer must be able to relax, clear his mind and hit the simplest shot available.

Keeping calm and relaxed will aid in this process.

The golfer needs to work out what he needs to do, choose a club for that task and then…

Hit the Ball Without Any Fear of the Consequences

A calm mind will be better able to deal with the endless possibilities that are confronted on each shot.

The golfer should then have maximized his chances of hitting the right shot at the right time.

But how do you get a calm mind?

I’ve invested a lifetime thinking about this exact question…

And I’ve created a formula based on 80/20 thinking which will allows you to keep calm while maximising your chances of golfing success.

It’s about focusing on less, not more…

Learning to ignore ALL the rubbish and forcing your mind to work with your amazing learning system.

Get it right and you get a physical and mental advantage.

Would you like to get your hands on this NEW WAY that…

Makes golf simpler

Cuts learning time

Fast tracks performance

Allows you to unlock your best golf swing

And makes golf as easy as it can possibly be

Then take a look at this

Good golfing,