Here’s a golf routine you should try.

Golfers typically take too long to play, and the more time you take, generally the worse you’ll do. You end up thinking too much and before you know it, you’ve worked out 17 different ways to muck up the shot and completely have forgotten your main goal. This happens so often, that I bet many golfers aren’t even aware of it.

Here’s an alternative.

Instead of taking your time, I want you to play fast. Really fast. Essentially, all you’ll be doing is looking at the target, choosing a club and then quickly walk in and hit the ball.

It seems easy, but it may take you a while to get comfortable. But I promise it will work a treat. Here’s why.

– because your first look will take in around 90% of all you need to see. The last 10% is rarely that useful anyway.

– it will force you to trust your system. Instead of hatching and wasting time, you’ll look and react. This is pure subconscious play and way better than most of the analysis you’re doing now.

– you’ll be forced to focus on what you want. Instead of looking at the trouble your mind will be focused on what you do want – the target. This is all positive thinking really is and it’s so much more simple than a lot of the mental mumbo jumbo found in self-improvement books.

– you’ll become uncluttered. You won’t have time for stuffing around, worrying and getting overly nervous. When has lots of information really helped anyway?

This is a form of speed golf and I encourage you to give it a go. Be brave and try it the next time out. I reckon it may just unlock a new found freedom that has been hiding from you. I know some will be hesitant, thinking their golf is too important to play like this – but this is exactly the person this is aimed for.

Give it a go and report back here with your findings.

End note: This is sort of how you play on the practice fairway. After a few balls you get sick and tired of all the analysis & thinking and start hitting. You start going through your own version of rapid fire and for many the results are better than good. When you get to the golf course you lose the flow and start the thinking mindset all over again…