If you’re struggling to play your best golf then the chances are you’re making one or more of these mistakes…

  1. Thinking about your swing while you’re over the ball. Playing with your head and not your heart
  2. Changing your swing or style while out on the golf course
  3. Trying too hard
  4. Playing shots you know you shouldn’t
  5. Playing differently under pressure (I call this choking)
  6. Playing safe or steering the ball
  7. Playing like you practice not practicing like you play
  8. Devoting little or no time to putting and chipping
  9. Using clubs that look good in the bag not ones that feel right
  10. Being too scared to make a change for the better
  11. Not allowing yourself to do something remarkable or have fun
  12. The big one. Not automating your golf game

This list came from the top of my head in a few minutes. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

Good golfing,