Each new student receives my three-round challenge. This requires them to implement automatic golf for the duration of 3 rounds.

They can’t think about their swing.

They’re not allowed to worry about their score.

They must play in a free flowing and instinctive manner.

And they must do this for a minimum of three rounds.


Because it is a test. If they can stick to it they’ll see results. Something remarkable will happen:

  • They’ll hit the best shot of their life.
  • They’ll play an awesome stretch of golf.
  • The light will go on and they’ll experience better golf by trying less.
  • They’ll have fun.

It rarely fails. But it does require the first and uncomfortable step to be taken. And I think many don’t take the step. They’re hoping for an instant cure. Something that is going to feel less uncomfortable. Something a bit more exciting. Something perhaps they’ve read in a golf magazine…

So they don’t dive in. They don’t get dirty so they miss out on remarkable.

Golf improvement is not an instant fix. It takes commitment and discipline. Half the battle is turning up and giving things a go.

No extraordinary talent required.

If your game is not where it should be try my three-round challenge. Stick to it, make mistakes but really give it a fair go. From here improvement becomes much easier. I promise 🙂

Let me know how you get on.