A follower of this website was interested to know my thoughts on power. He was getting mixed up on a golf forum – with the forum users arguing about the source of power in the golf stroke.

I think golf forums are a dangerous trap. I have been there and done that and found for the most part that no matter what evidence presented to them, they will not change their views. So you can waste your time and energy trying to get your view across.

Worse still, forum users forget about the most important part of the game – playing golf. If you get mixed up in the garbage you can have your own flow disrupted with too many thoughts and ideas.

Who really cares where power comes from? Knowing the answer is not going to make playing the game any easier. You still have to swing the club, avoid the trees and sink those putts. Real golfers are more concerned about their score and how to get better. Forum lurkers have dropped the ball – they try and play golf with their keyboards and their conscious minds.

Avoid the forum trap – best you steer clear and focus on your own game.