I’ve arrived in Ayr, Scotland today and will be playing Troon and Turnberry tomorrow. Tonight I experienced a learning situation that could rival anything I encounter on those two great courses.

After a great dinner I wandered over to the local golf course with a nine-iron and a few balls. It was about 9pm and with plenty of light left I got 100% lost in the moment. I was playing golf.

Hitting chip and runs.
Playing high lob shots.
Escaping from sand.
Smashing low burning bullet drives.

There was no thought on score or even results. I saw a shot in my mind’s eye and the tried to hit it. I was playing golf.

I have completely forgot how much fun this is. I haven’t done this kind of thing for ages – regrettably so. There’s no ego or attempt for perfection. I was playing the game, feeling the shots, smelling the air and learning along the way. It was fabulous. The post dinner interlude has got the juices flowing for tomorrow. I can hardly wait.